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About the Company Astra Gold


Astra Gold’s administration and manufactory is situated on the north of Bohemia into the town called Česká Lípa.  In 20km surrounding of Česká Lípa occurs over 30% of all bohemian glass production capacities.  

The only owner of the company is the family Tengler. Each of the five top managers is recruited from the Tengler’s family. This fact helps to share the deepest skills and knowledge in the inner family circle. Each of the managers own her/ his unique skills and governs his / her unique company processes. Astra Gold employs other 25 skilled craftsmen. Some of them graduated from the oldest and most prestigious glass high schools - in Kamenicky Senov and Novy Bor. 

Astra Gold wholesales crystal raw material, and produces also gilded crystal parts for the chandelier industry. You can also find Astra Gold’s products in the offer of the companies trading golden crystal glass under the brands of these trading companies. We helped to create unique crystal brands in Bohemia, abroad and even over the oceans