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About us

Astra Gold belongs between most innovative producers of decorative crystal glass in Europe. We produce unique commodity by improving Bohemian crystal and Venetian glass with gilding, color multilayer decors and embossed oroplastics. The only owner of Astra Gold company is family Tengler, which holds the unique skills of glass decoration for generations.

We are producing more than 5.000 different types of crystal products, which are decorated with true 24 carat gold or pure platinum. As each of our glass is covered by special protective layer, our decoration is very stable even during heavy daily use. Some types of our glasses are directly designed for HORECA segment. Astra Gold's luxury crystal drinkware sets are therefore used by luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, as well as in the catering of luxury planes and yachts.

We are producing not just decorative objects and gifts, but practical items which are capable to generate regular business turnover for our distributors.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier for your crystal store, or if you are seeking for a partner who is going to support you in your new crystal project or develop your own private label, don't hesitate to share with us all your thoughts and contact us. We will always try our bests to offer you the best solutions and wholesale’s price conditions of our cooperation.

We develop mix of uniqe technologies to maximize satisfaction of our customers


- Own unique technology of multilayer colour decoration and oroplastics

- Special protective layer increasing resistence and durability of the decor.  

- Perfect health safety parameters of the products 

- Types of products desgined especially for HORECA and Mixology

- High (perceived value) / (purchasing cost) ratio of the product  

- Systematic IP registration of the decors

- Comfortable webshop system for easy overview and ordering

- Support of multiple private labels and customized projects

- Integrated advanced logistics


We are redefining the world of decorated crystal glass. Let's do it together!