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Purchase Order Process


Basic conditions

- Only persons older than 18 years are able to purchase products in our E-shop.
- In order to make a purchase customer needs to be Signed Up or has to have filled up an order form.
- By making a purchase the client agrees with all stated conditions of Terms of Purchases 



In order to make a purchase you need to register by filling in your login and password. Only you can use this login and password to register in our e-shop. The login and password is used by the system to identify the customers and let them check the state and the history of their orders.

If you are the company (legal person) which is willing to further retail or wholesale Astra Gold's products, contact us with your business plan. We will then consider to award you with unique wholesale discount.

In order to purchase Astra Gold's products you can send us typical E-mail order (with product codes and number of products ordered), or you can use Shopping section of our webpages and follow up with ordering like in every classical e-shop through choosing & putting the ordered items into your e-shop basket. If you were awarded with wholesale discount, you already see the prices as net (i.e. with all the discounts already included) and without VAT. 

E-shop contains calculation of shipping costs. Algorithm describes 98% of the shipping cases correctly and suggests you optimal variant. However we are stipulating the right for final confirmation, for further increase of the shipping costs if neccessary. Therefore you don't need to pay immediatelly, but you can wait for final Pro-forma Invoice with confirmed shipping cost, which we will send you on your mail. 

The E-shop order has no legal effect. After each order client receives Pro-forma invoice. Customer may return this Pro-forma invoice with remarks, discuss the items, or may cancel the items or even entire order without any consequences.


Payment of deposit

After confirmation of Pro-forma invoice by the customer without any exceptions, Astra Gold, s.r.o. requests customer to follow up with the deposit payment. By reception of the deposit payment on account of Astra Gold, s.r.o. is the legal relationship between Astra Gold, s.r.o. and customer estabilished. If the payment of deposit is not accomplished and received, customer is legally indifferent to Astra Gold, s.r.o.

The payment of deposit is usually made by wire transfer, by PayPal or by cash. Information and detailed conditions of the payment order are sent to a customer together with a proforma invoice. 

In case of small orders (till 5.000,- €), we assume that customer pays the 100% depost for value of Proforma invoice at once.

In case of larger (and customized) orders, we may ask our customer for the deposit payment, which is usually 50% from the Proforma invoice value of the order. The rest 50% of the order have to be paid at least 7 days before planned dispatch. (Astra Gold, s.r.o. may discuss and change this term individually).


Items & order cancellation by Astra Gold s.r.o.

The legal relationship is based just if the deposit based Pro-forma invoice is paid. Even though the customer might have paid 100% deposit already, we stipulate the possibility of ordered item cancellation. If we are not able to deliver wished item of the ordered product, we must inform customer without undue delay. This may happen if some component of the product is suddenly unavailable.

The value of cancelled product is subtracted from the total value of the order and adequate part of the deposit for canceled items is returned back at least in the day of the shipping of the order. 

Customer can also keep his credit at Astra Gold's account and use it for the orders of the other products. 

We discuss every unusual event with the customer and try to find the solution, which is convenient for the both sides. 


Items & order cancellation by customer

The legal relationship is based just if the invoice is paid. Customer cancels his/her e-shop order by not paying of deposit without any other legal consequences.

If customer has paid the deposit, and if the customer has seen in his cart or on the Proforma invoice the varning: "All produced items have character of custom order. By confirmation of this order and by payment of deposit the customer completely and irrevocably agrees with the custom character of the order.", the cancelation of the order is no longer possible.  

If customer has paid the decposit, and no warning on Proforma invoice or in the shopping cart appears, then customer can withdraw the contract anytime before the final invoice is not issued. After the moment of issuing of the final invoice is withdrawal of contract no longer possible. 


Production & Time of delivery

We are keeping most items in "blank" variant in our stock. Once the customer pays the depost as the final confirmation of the order, we start with the decoration, gilding, firing, packing and labeling.  

Production of order with

  • 1 - 5             items takes usually 10 - 14 working days
  • 5 - 20           items takes usually 14 - 20 working days
  • 20 - 50         items takes usually 20 - 30 working days
  • 50 - 100       items takes usually 30 - 40 working days
  • 100 - 200     items takes usually 40 - 50 working days
  • 200 - 500     items takes usually 50 - 60 working days
  • 500 - 1000   items takes usually 60 - 70 working days 


Please, take into account following regular periods of our holiday

- Winter Christmas and New Year holiday -  From 15 December till 6. January  

- Summer holiday - From 20. July till 14. August 

We can accept the orders even during our holiday, and our production can be running in strongly reduced regime and without any guarantee of our usual reactinon & delivery times.  

We please customers who are planning to order our products for Chinese New Year, to they place their orders till 15. November as the latest. Christmas period is very demanding for the logistic, and all the flights and trucks are fully booked at end of December and beginning of January. We therefore have to dispatch in middle of December to be on time with the end of January delivery. 

We also please customers purchasing the goods for Christmas sales, that they should be placing their order in July / August as the latest. September / October could be already too late. We will try our bests to deliver even September / October orders for the Christmas sales, but without any guarantee.        



Each of our product is packed in representative carton giftbox inlaid with true satin, which provides additional protection to our crystal items



Each box is provided with label containing EAN barcode containing colourful product picture, name, product code and quick order code (red). It allows very easy identification and administration of the product in the customer's warehouse using barcode readers and quick visual identification.   


Boxes are then laid on the wooden pallet into pallet master carton, and wrapped with black foil. Labeled with signo, and provided with the documents. We can stockpile even tall 120x80x220 cm pallets and use entire height of the truck or LCL container. Such final packing is very safe, space efficient and easily manipulable with pallet truck and fork-lift truck.   



All Astra Gold's documents (Confirmation of Orders, Proforma Invoices, Packing Lists) are including colour pictures for easy visual identification of the product, contain EAN barcodes for administration with barcode reader, and work with advanced volumetry for smooth and comfortable shipping and custom clearance process.



Customer can chose from one of the following delivery methods. Each of them is convenient for different business case and destination. Our administrators can discuss with you advantages and disadvantages of each of them and recommend you the best option.


1. EMS - Is traditional post service for smaller parcels, which become realiable and cheap way of delivery all around the world. Disadvantage is that we can't guarantee or anyhow influence the time of delivery, which moves from 5 days (around EU) till 6 months (to Asia, Australia, or South America), with median around 25 days. The advantage is that every parcel sooner or later finally arrives and the goods is damaged just very very rarely.  If goods arrives damaged, customer is asked for detailed photodocumentation. If FedEx accepts the claim, replacement is then sent free of charge.    


2. FedEx - Quick and reliable way of delivery for smaller parcels. Time of delivery moves between 5-7, but occasionally even 10 days. Damages are more often then via EMS, but each parcel is very well insured.  If goods arrives damaged, customer is asked for detailed photodocumentation. If FedEx accepts the claim, replacement is then sent free of charge.


3. B2B sea freight - Very convenient especially for pallet deliverries to the cities near the coast. It is very cheap, extremely safe and reliable way of transportation. Disadvantage are more demanding procedures during reception of the goods and longer lead time (30-90 days). However this way of transportation is the most cost efficient and therefore most convenient for the larger deliveries. We register zero damages during this way of transportation per our entire history. Every consignment is always insured with 110% of its value.


4. B2B land freight - Very convenient for pallet deliveries especially across EU , FSU countries and Mongolia. Service is quick, reliable and not expensive. Lead time moves between 7-16 days. Damages are very very rare. Every consignment has basic CMR insurance. 


5. B2B air freight - Convenient especially for pallet deliveries to Chinese and USA's cities in deep inland.  Service is not the cheapest, but quick and reliable. Damages are very very rare. Every consignment is always insured with 110% of its value.  



Return policy


Return within 14 days without the reason:

-  Customers (physical persons): Customers can return the products back within 14 days from the taking of delivery. This possibility of return without reasons is valid just in the case that customer has not seen Astra Gold's goods personally and the goods haven't been modified or anyhow customized according to the customer's wishes. The returned goods should be clean, not damaged and in original box from the design atelier. Astra Gold, s.r.o. does not refund any shipment or insurance payments. Astra Gold, s.r.o. does not refund any goods which was bought directly in the Astra Gold's "stone" store in Česká Lípa. 

-  Corporations (legal persons):  Return within 14 days without the reason is not available for corporations (legal persons) at all. 

For more details read our E-Shop business Terms and Conditions carefully.  

Return because of the low quality of the goods:

In the case of damages caused indisputably by low quality of our goods, customer may return it. 

-  Customers (physical persons): Astra Gold, s.r.o. grants standard 24 months guarantee for its goods. Astra Gold , s.r.o. grants just 6 months guarantee for goods which was customized or anyhow modified according to the customer’s wishes. Terms of guarantees are according to the European directives and the Czech law system. Customer has to respect user manual to the goods. We don't accept and refund any goods damaged by misuse or by wrong use of our product. If the seller agrees with the return he must according to his wish either replace the damaged product with the new one or refund the money in the amount of product price.

-  Corporations (legal persons): According to the Czech law system Astra Gold s.r.o. may arrange the individual guarantees terms with the corporations (wholesalers, legal persons). If some deffects in delivered goods is found, company should send us a written complains within 1 month from the taking of delivery and has to add the index of claimed items. This index must always contain EAN code of item, number of hologram on the box of the item, number of hologram of damaged item, and detailed photograph picture and text describtion of the defect. Before the shipment of returning goods, corporation should send us an e-mail message with a copy of requested index and should wait to our response. We don´t accept and reimbuse any goods damaged by misuse or by wrong use of our product. In the case of undoubted low quality of our goods, we accept return usually 24 months after the term of delivery. Every case is discussed individually. Instead of replacing of products or reimbusing of money we are usually generating special discounted promo offers, which will fully cover the customer's losses. We are always trying to find the right solution to customer's full satisfaction. 

For more details read our E-Shop business Terms and Conditions carefully.